Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Donors?

Those who are fortunate enough to have a vacation property and are willing to donate it to Cottage Dreams for one or more Sunday to Friday weeks a year. This is an opportunity to give the gift of peace of mind and family time to those who have recently fought cancer.

We are always in great need of more July and August weeks to accommodate the children whose parents don’t want them to miss any more school.

Why become a donor?

As a cottage owner it is likely that your cottage is your home away from home. It is used as a get away and a time for family.  Imagine if you had battled cancer and didn’t have this luxury. It is the intention of Cottage Dreams to initiate the sharing of what we have with those who have fought so hard and are not fortunate enough to have such a retreat.

What is the visiting timeframe?

Visitors arrive on 2:00pm on Sunday and leave by noon the following Friday.

Do I need special Insurance?

Each applicant will sign a waiver releasing you, Cottage Dreams and any third parties from any liability. During the week the visitors are at your property, a $5 million insurance policy is put in place by Cottage Dreams without charge to the owner. This policy is in addition to your own coverage. We are happy to provide you with more information regarding our policy, simply contact us with your questions or to receive a copy.

Who are the recipients and will they be well enough to enjoy their time away?

Cottage Dreams is for adults and children who have finished active treatment and are on the road to recovery. The program is about celebrating recovery! To make the greatest impact, applicants are eligible to be placed up to 24 months after completing primary treatment. We will place palliative applicants but they must be fully mobile in order to get the full benefit of being placed into a donated cottage.  For further information please call our office at 705-457-9100.

What are the criteria for a suitable cottage?

We require that the cottage meet the following qualifications:

  • 45 minutes from a hospital, healthcare facility or EMS facility
  • A working telephone for local calls or the ability to receive cellular reception
  • Directly accessible by car (currently, water access properties are exempt from the program)
  • Indoor plumbing is required
  • Any additional amenities, such as a television or VCR, waterfront dock, beach, fireplace or canoe are icing on the cake

How do I proceed and what happens next?

It’s quite simple.  Just fill out the online cottage form. Once we’ve received and reviewed your information, a Cottage Dreams staff member will be in touch with a family based on the availability dates you provided in your online profile.

Once you are in the cottage database, you will receive regular communication from Cottage Dreams. We try to confirm a placement four to six weeks in advance to ensure the successful organization of the recipient visit.

A tax receipt for the value of a one week “rental” may be requested upon sign up and issued post visit.